Natural Mosquito Spray

The final piece in a mosquito control program is a yard barrier control spray.  The barrier spray treatment is normally applied to the trees and shrubs in the yard.  The goal is to deter and kill adult mosquitoes in the places they rest.

Conventional/synthetics pesticides are still most common, but there are natural alternatives.  They are usually plant derived oils diluted with water.  These can be effective at deterring and killing mosquitoes like their conventional/synthetics counterparts.

mosquito natural spray organic

Being organic and natural, Mosquito Me Not’s natural spray is fine to use on edible gardens. We still recommend you wash your harvest to remove any of the natural oils as they might not be the flavor you want.  With the natural spray, there is also no wait time for children and pets to reenter the yard after a treatment.

mosquito natural garden safe
mosquito natural yard control spray

Though derived directly from plants, they can actually burn the foliage in high concentrations when temperatures begin to exceed 80 degrees.  Because of this we usually apply the our natural barrier spray every two weeks in a less concentrated dosage.

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Plant Deterrents

Some plants are natural deterrents to mosquitoes.

Natural Predators

Mosquitoes are part of the food chain. Let’s help them complete the circle of life.

Natural Larvicides

Some natural bacteria target mosquito larvae before they become biting adults.

Barrier Spraying

Final piece of controlling mosquitoes is barrier spraying using natural chemicals.

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