Let’s Kill Some Mosquitoes the Natural Way!

Why Use Natural or Organic?

We all have our own reasons to choose a green/organic choice in controlling mosquitoes.

  • Children and Pets: the EPA considers the benefits of conventional pesticides to outweigh the risks, but why take risks?
  • Environment: why introduce additional chemicals and their by products to the plant if you don’t have to?
  • Only Option: most pesticides have a required set back distance from water.

Mosquito Me Not Process

We follow the same four step process with our Green/Organic as with our Conventional control.

  1. Initial Inspection
  2. Prevention
  3. Larviciding
  4. Barrier Spraying

The main difference is in the chemicals we apply in the Barrier Spraying.

The Organic Team

Plant Deterrents

Some plants are natural deterrents to mosquitoes.

Natural Predators

Mosquitoes are part of the food chain. Let’s help them complete the circle of life.

Natural Larvicides

Some natural bacteria target mosquito larvae before they become biting adults.

Barrier Spraying

Final piece of controlling mosquitoes is barrier spraying using natural chemicals.

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