Let’s Discuss Preventing and Treating

Breeding Sites

The first step in reducing mosquitoes is limiting their chances to breed.  Reducing standing water is the single best thing to do.

dirty gutter mosquito breeding ground

Mosquitoes will lay eggs in your gutters. The CDC even uses leaves as food larvae in their traps.

lots of junk mosquito breeding ground

The Aedes aegypti loves leaving its eggs in man made containers. These should be eliminated.

tarp mosquito breeding ground

Even something as simple as a tarp left for a couple days in the rain is enough for mosquitoes.

Natural Predators

Nature does have its own army to fight mosquitoes, but they eat many types of insects and usually don’t have a huge impact.

Preying Mantis certainly will eat mosquitoes when they come upon them, but they eat all sorts of insects.

Martins are well known mosquito hunters, but they tend to stay at tree top level rather than near the ground.

Bats do eat mosquitoes, but they usually prefer larger meals such as moths. Bats can also carry rabies.


Repellents can be highly effective at deterring mosquitoes, but the effectiveness can drop quickly (minutes to hours).  Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

There are many short term and local repellents that can be burned or sprayed, but these require some setup.

Insect repellents can work well when properly applied. They can lose their effectiveness quickly; follow the label’s recommendations.

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