Let’s Catch Them Young

For places where standing water cannot be eliminated, Mosquito Me Not provides larviciding treatment.  Our larvicides are certified organic and very effective.  They are actually a cultured bacteria that targets just the digestive system of mosquito larvae.

mosquito larva plant pot
 mosquito larva fountain

Larvicide Methods

There are a few main larvicide methods.  The earliest methods in the 19th century simply poisoned the entire water source.

Later, larvicides evolved into thin films of surface oil.  These were effective because mosquito larvae actually breath air.  Nearly all types need to return to the surface for air.  Though some actually cut into hollow water plants. The thin film makes it difficult for the mosquito to break through and breath.  A side benefit is these oils can make it difficult for pupae (the stage after larva) to break free of the water and fly off. Life Stages of a Mosquito  These oils are still in common use today.

More recently, bacteria have been found and cultured that target just mosquito larvae. These bacteria disrupt the gut of the larvae causing death.  This technique is a natural/organic certified method to kill mosquitoes.

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