Let’s Figure Out a Plan

Identify Improvement Opportunities

During the visit, we will investigate for potential mosquito breeding areas, water features, and areas such as gardens.

Small pots and containers can collect water and provide a place to breed.

Low spots in your yard and areas of poor drainage are potential trouble areas.

Even though they are out of sight, out of mind, dirty gutters are areas mosquitoes will love.

Develop Your Control Plan

In the process we will build a site map to guide our technicians during their routine visits.

We’ll ¬†prepare a detailed map for our technicians to follow during their routine visits.

The plan will include a prescribed program to apply larvicide to areas such as fountains. The larvicide is perfectly safe for fish.

In order to ensure delicate areas, such as edible gardens, are treated sensitively, we will create a map with marked locations.

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