Let’s Kill the Biters!

Spray Barrier

Mosquito Me Not’s routine visits focus on spraying a residual barrier to kill mosquitoes as they rest in the vegetation.  We will treat the shrubs, trees, and under structures. This, combined with rest of our program, will gain control of the mosquitoes in your yard.

Conventional Treatment

Mosquito Me Not’s primary conventional pesticide is from the pyrethroid family.  Though completely synthetic now, the key components were originally derived from the chrysanthemum flower.  The pesticide is lethal to mosquitoes, other insects, and fish.  However, it has low toxicity to mammals.  Mosquito Me Not typically applies this solution every 4-5 weeks depending on weather.

Natural/Organic Treatment

Mosquito Me Not offers natural/organic certified options.  Like organic repellents, these can be very effective, but tend to be not as long lasting.  We typically treat every 2-3 weeks with our solutions. The plant-derived oils can also burn foliage in the summer heat. Because of this, we have to apply a lower dosage more frequently in the hottest months of the year.

In Atlanta?  Give us a call at 404.566.7990 or (8-MOSQUITO-9). Or you can email us at: sales@mosquitomenot.com