What a Swarm

Life of a Mosquito

Mosquitoes and Facts

Mosquitoes need water to reproduce and complete their lifecycle.  Female mosquitoes use blood of mostly birds and mammals to produce their eggs.  Mosquitoes actually feed on flowers and carbohydrates like many other insects.

The distance mosquitoes travel over the course of their lives varies a lot by species from a few hundred feet to forty miles. They also have very different resting sites, feeding times, and breeding sites.  The Aedes aegypti only travels a few hundred yards giving homeowners a real chance to combat this mosquito.

Mosquito Lifecycle

Prominent Mosquito Borne Diseses

The diseases they carry are species specific as well.  This gives us an advantage to fighting them and their diseases.

Mosquito Diseases, Where Mosquitoes Live, When Mosquitoes Bite

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