Homemade Native Bee Hive

Here is an example of a native bee hive at a botanical garden we observed on a recent trip.
Bee Hive

Hidden problems in your yard

Recently, we helped a client rectify a potential mosquito breeding site right in their backyard.  Many of us have in ground yard drains. Unfortunately, these are often not designed to drain completely.  You can see in the pictures below the how much sediment and standing water were in this box.  Luckily there were no mosquitoes in this box; though we have found some in other drain boxes in the few past weeks.  We cleaned out the box, then added gravel, sand, and little cement create a new bottom to prevent standing water.  If you have a similar drain in your yard, check it out.  Let’s stop these mosquitoes from breeding in our own yards.

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Mosquito repellents for the Aedes aegypti (zika carrier)

A study was just published in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association rating the effectiveness of some non-deet repellents. They found that all natural Mosi-Guard was as effective as a 20% deet for 2 hours and nearly as effective after 8 hours.  http://www.mosi-guard.com/

The researchers also experimented with making their own formulation from the Alpinia galanga plant. Alpinia galanga is a herb from the ginger family often used in Thai cooking.  It was also very effective, but is not commercially available as a repellent yet. The study was completed by Norashiqin Misni, Zurainee Mohamed Nor, and Rohani Ahmad.  (thanks guys!)

Check the Gutters!

With all the rain we are having it is a great time to pop up and take a peak in your gutters.  Right now it should be easy to see if the water is draining well or not.  With the frequent showers it wouldn’t be hard for the gutters to stay wet for a week and allow mosquitoes to breed.

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Do you have a creative idea to fight Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases?

Check out this competition posted by a colleague of Mosquito Me Not.  The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is hosting a competition backed by a $30 million grant to combat Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases.  https://www.usaid.gov/grandchallenges/zika Also, follow David Milestone on LinkedIn to stay informed. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/combating-zika-future-threats-grand-challenge-david-milestone?trk=prof-post

Free Lady Bugs

This weekend our friends at Pike Nurseries are giving away Lady Bugs. These cute critters might not hunt mosquitoes, but they are great at eating other bugs. We use them on our organic farms to attack and control aphids. Heck, even if you don’t have aphids, they are still just nice to have around. So, go get your Lady Bugs, and give a boost to Mother Nature’s insect army this weekend.

Pike Nurseries Free Lady Bug Weekend

Are water barrels a risk for mosquitoes?

Oh yes. Over the past few years many people have installed rain barrels, especially in drought prone areas. That is great, but they are also potential mosquito breeding grounds. Mosquito Me Not treats with a blend of organic certified bacteria during our visits.  If you are not using a service, you can treat your own rain barrels with a soaps and oils that break the surface tension or with bacteria tablets available at your home supply store.  Click here for a group in Baltimore, Maryland for more DIY information. 

Must my neighbors treat their yards too?

The barrier treatment helps if there is foliage or a fence between you and your neighbor.  Of course, the larger the treated bubble, the better.  Mosquito Me Not offers great referral discounts.

How soon can my children and pets go out in the yard after it has been treated?

You should allow the pesticide to dry.  This should take about 30 minutes.  Mosquito Me Not’s primary conventional pesticide is a synthetic derivative of the chrysanthemum flower in the pyrethroid family.  It has a low toxicity to mammals.  Mosquito Me Not also offers green/organic pesticides.  These do not have a recommended re-entry delay.

How far do mosquitoes fly?

The distance a mosquito flies varies a lot by species.  From their hatch site, they will travel between 150 yards and 40 miles over the course of their lives.  Some commute a few miles to bite for blood, while others are locavores.  The Aedes aegypti, known for carrying Zika, only travels about 150 yards over the course of its life.  It also only breeds in artificial containers (i.e., pots, tires, bottles). This gives us a real opportunity to significantly lessen their numbers.

Are swimming pools a risk?

Swimming pools are not a significant risk if they are maintained to a swimmable standard.  Pools and spas that are not maintained are a significant risk.  Pool covers and areas around the pool that collect water are a potential risk.

Does Mosquito Me Not kill honey bees?

All insecticides natural/organic or conventional run a risk to honey bees. We do not use Neonicotinoid (neonic) based pesticides which some studies have shown to be the most detrimental.  We are also cautious applying the product to flowering shrubs when bees are present.  We applaud Ortho in their recent decision to end neonic production. See this Huffington Post article Ortho Ends Neonic Production

What is Zika?

Zika was originally discovered in 1947 in the Zika rainforest of Uganda. There were not many documented cases until 2007, but infection rates have been growing since. It is currently believed that most infected humans do not display symptoms, but research continues to establish scientific evidence as to the true facts concerning the number of people harmed by this virus. Common symptoms of those who have the virus include fever, joint pain, rashes, and conjunctivitis.  At present time, Zika is believed to rarely be fatal. More recently, it has now been linked to permanent birth defects, particularly microcephaly.

The CDC actually has a number of good pages dedicated to the Zika virus.  CDC-Zika  

Posted April 2016: Knowledge of this disease is changing fast.  Please see CDC for the most recent information.

What larvicide does Mosquito Me Not use?

Mosquito Me Not has a host of larvicides available to use, but most commonly we use a blend of naturally occurring bacteria that only target mosquito larvae.

Why not kill all mosquitoes?

Wow, that would be great!  Maybe one day researchers will discover a viable method to do just that, but the methods available today would cost too much money and do a tremendous amount of damage to the environment.  Most mosquito pesticides kill insects indiscriminately and many kill fish too.

Mosquitoes vs Mosquitos (spelling)

Which is the plural of mosquito, mosquitoes or mosquitos?  Both are correct according to the Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam Webster.  Most search engines correct to “-es,” but bring back hits for both.

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