Why We Do This:

Because we hate mosquitoes as much as you do! Mosquitoes are at best annoying and at worst carry some dreadful diseases.

We used to be citronella-candle idealists, but at a cost. Finally, we tried full-blown barrier spraying, and it made a tremendous difference – and we went from converts to business owners 🙂

Mosquito Me Not:

MMN is an Atlanta-based company fighting mosquitoes with a variety of approaches. We carefully choose our methods to minimize side effects on non-target species.  Our primary conventional pesticide is in the pyrethroid family; it is an organic compound similar to natural pyrethrins found in chrysanthemum flowers.


The founder/owner, Eric McBride, is a licensed Professional Engineer and has lived in Atlanta since 2002. His family farms a variety of organic and conventional crops at McBride Farms, and thus, he has a life-long background in agriculture and processes.

All of our employees have taken the “it can wait” pledge to not text and drive.

In Atlanta?  Give us a call at 404.566.7990 or (8-MOSQUITO-9). Or you can email us at: sales@mosquitomenot.com